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Design. Build. Repeat. 


Design Build

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Gone are the days of managing, and coordinating separately between designers, and contractors. Grade Solutions will be the single point of contact from start to finish of your project. Providing reliable, and unified recommendations to keep you both on schedule and within budget.

Our Approach

Grade Solutions will analyze your site concept or Civil Engineering designs to create the most efficient change of grade options. Utilizing our proprietary products, and design software, analyzing all construction phases, and propose solutions that will include cost savings in dirt movement, underground, and retention needs. While still realizing the aesthetic appeal our client deserves, in the smartest way possible.

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Our Edge


Our proprietary product can be utilized with geogrid (MSE), or without grid when a narrow footprint is required.  As the development requires clean retention in-between lots which does not include any lateral reinforcement.....  we have the best product on the market, GravityStone Edge® .


  • Cuts

  • Fills

  • Lot lines walls

  • Perimeter walls

  • Detention ponds

  • Tight spaces

  • Landscape walls

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